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Dead car batteries are no laughing matter.  Nearly everyone experiences at least one dead car battery in their lifetime. There can be several reasons why your car battery died, and most of these problems can be prevented with proper maintenance and care for your vehicle. Here we will identify the potential causes of dead car batteries and give instructions on how to jump start your dead car's battery yourself. If you need help with any components in your vehicle, such as the dead battery, you should contact your Vehicle's Service Dept.

Battery being jump-started

When might I need a jump start?

Dead car batteries can occur for numerous reasons, which range from infrequent preventative maintenance to potentially fatal electrical problems which can cause serious damage if not immediately dealt with. Preventative tips include keeping the hood of your vehicle open while parked in extreme weather conditions (i.e., very hot or cold), cleaning your battery connections at least twice per month, and having the internal hoses' check-valves cleaned periodically as well.

One major reason for dead car batteries involve one or more of the following components: alternator/generator/battery regulator failure, dead or dying battery cells, dead cell fuses, dead cell jumper cables, corroded/dirty posts and connections and inoperative solenoids.

Dead car batteries (especially in extreme weather conditions) can also be caused by:  leaving your headlights on while the vehicle is turned off, dead battery cables (i.e., internal broken wires), leaving exterior lights on when not needed (i.e., using interior light at night for kids to see into the back seat without turning on overhead light).

Call your professional jump-start service

The most common reason that dead car batteries occur is due to corrosion within the connection points leading from the dead battery's post clamps to its hold-down clamp assembly; this usually occurs if these components are neglected and never cleaned. Jumping a dead car battery is the easiest way to get yourself going again, but you should have your vehicle towed or driven home by a professional service if a jump start is not an option. Contact Westchase Towing today and we'll come out and give you a jump start, or otherwise tow your vehicle to wherever it needs to be.