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Driving to work on the highway down Linebaugh, you start to hear a strange noise coming from your car. As you get closer to the Westchase area, you decide to pull over just to be safe. You open your door and notice that one of your back tires is flat! Not only have you probably ruined the tire by driving with it deflated, but now you're stranded on the side of Linebaugh waiting for help to arrive!

When this happens (and it does happen, even to the most experienced drivers), there are several potential causes of why you got a flat tire while driving. The most common is that something got stuck in or popped your tire, such as a nail or a piece of glass; unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to prevent this. Of course, it's always possible to just blow out your spare tire if you're not careful to monitor its inflation pressure!

Woman changing a flat car tire

What to do if I get a flat tire?

Whatever the cause of your flat tire is, there are several steps to getting back to traffic safely. First, take down your car's insurance policy information and check to see what the specific roadside assistance phone number is for that policy. Once you've called them (and hopefully they'll be able to ask some questions about where you are), try to find out how long it will be after their arrival before they fix your flat tire; this way, at least you'll know when to expect them.

After you've had a flat tire repaired, make sure to check to see if it's inflated to the correct pressure. Your door placard will tell you what the exact reading should be at your current driving weight (this is usually indicated with a psi or kPa). Then, to help prevent having to pull over again in the near future, try to maintain this pressure in all of your tires.

As soon as you notice any issues with your car's tires—whether they're cupping and causing excessive noise when turning or seem to barely have any tread left—bring it in to a tire service center immediately. You need an expert technician who can assess almost any problem that arises and provide not only an estimate but also a quick turnaround time for getting your car's tires repaired to the best standard for safety.

Call your reliable local tire swap-out service

Whether you get a flat tire while driving to work or to get to your next destination, Westchase Towing can help! We offer our towing services 24 hours to keep every vehicle safe on the roadways of Tampa Bay. At Westchase Towing, we look forward to getting you back on the go soon! For more information please call (813) 669-7503 to speak to one of our friendly staff members at Westchase Towing.